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Chambers Europe

Chambers & Partners geben einen der traditionsreichsten Kanzleiführer weltweit heraus. Im Handbuch "Europe 2017" sind Rechtsanwälte Wigge, wie bereits seit 2011, im Bereich "Healthcare Germany" gelistet.

Chambers & Partners äußern sich über die Kanzlei:

"What the team is known for Best known for its experience in medical law, where the firm is noted for its links to physicians and hospitals. Advises licensed doctors on contracts, professional conduct, co-operation with hospitals and reimbursement. Also capably advises on regulatory issues in the healthcare sector, including pharmacy operating licences and advertising"

Kanzleigründer Prof. Dr. Peter Wigge wird als einer der führenden deutschen Anwälte im Gesundheitswesen bewertet:

Notable practitioners
Founding partner Peter Wigge commands considerable respect in the market due to his experience in medical law issues. He has a strong reputation for health insurance funds and is often noted for his academic contributions to the subject."

Link: www.chambersandpartners.com